2012 Video & Motion Demo Reel

It’s a new year and, like all the rest of us, I really plan on making this one count. I figured I’d start updating this blog much more often, perhaps even every other day(ish). But, dear reader, let me fill you in on a little secret. Doing something creative every day is often a challenge, although even more challenging is updating a blog every day. Luckily, I have some catching up to do. Even though the title of this site may no longer be as accurate as it was in year one, it’ll be much more accurate than it’s been for a while.

I thought a great way to start off the new phase in the life of this blog would be a quick recap of what I’ve been up to in the last year or so. Have a look at my newly revised video production, post-production, and motion graphics demo reel! It’s a collection of all my favorite work from the last year and I’m feeling pretty good about it!

Soapbox Derby Promo Animation

I created this video using After Effects and Garageband, but not before drawing all the illustrations by hand and then coloring them using Illustrator. I’m really happy with how this project turned out. I feel like I’m finally getting comfortable with many aspects of After Effects, although I know I’ve only scratched the surface of all it can do.

By the way, be sure to catch Soapbox Derby at Ferndale, Michigan’s Go Comedy Improv Theater!

Lost Type

Visit Lost Type for awesome pay-what-you-can fonts! There’s lots of nice stuff to pick from, so I think it might be time to add a few new typefaces to your personal font collection…And be sure to check out their cool blog, too!

Seance 4, Opening This Friday at Planet Ant Theatre

It was life in a normal cul-de-sac, until one night… a door was opened!

Every month, the Neighborhood Cul-de-Sac Social Club gets together for a fun activity. This month, they perform a seance and get much more than they bargained for. Unexpected ghosts from the past and shocking secrets are revealed in this frighteningly hilarious Halloween comedy!

Directed by Lauren Bickers
Assistant Directed by Sean McGettigan
Written By & Starring
Dyan Bailey, Michael Hovitch, Tara Rase, and Cara Trautman

You LOVED Seance 1!
You saw Seance 2.
You skipped Seance 3.


Need Some Beautiful Textures?

I just came across a great site featuring tons of really nice free textures. They are of high quality and perfect for all sorts of design work. Check out Lost & Taken today, and be ready to add a new bookmark to your design resources collection! I’d suggest starting with this beautiful set of watercolor textures. Click here to visit.

I Started a Board Game Group

The Choice is Obvious

Go See Cop Block at Planet Ant

I designed this poster for a new one act comedy opening this weekend at Planet Ant Theatre. It’s gonna be a funny show, so you Detroiters reading this should try to catch it.

Photography by Heather Sejnow

A Dose Of Inspiration

Check out this great site, Illusion.com, for a healthy dose of creative inspiration.