2013 Video & Motion Demo Reel

Have a look at my newly revised video production, post-production, and motion graphics demo reel! It’s a collection of all my favorite work from the last year or so and I’m feeling pretty good about it!

Waking Up On Mars

This is my final project from my Green Screen class. Watch it and take a quick trip to Mars with me!

Something Creative Every Day – Year One Promo

This self-promotional video was created as a capstone project of sorts to commemorate the first year of this site. If you’ve been paying close enough attention so far, you’ll notice that all the photographs and illustrations used in this video were created during that initial 365 days. It turns out it adds up to quite a bit of work. Check it out, and feel free to help me spread the word with a share!

The Green Planet

Working on a green screen project today. Soon you will see this chair on the surface of Mars, or there abouts.

Looking Up In Detroit

Here’s the final version of the short I hinted at a few posts ago. I went around Detroit filming the buildings and the sky, then spent lots of time in After Effects making it look pretty. Hope you like it!

I See Detroit

Here’s a still frame from an upcoming After Effects project. I’ll be working on it all weekend, so hopefully I’ll have something to show for it by late next week. Stay tuned!

When Not To Use Your Smartphone

You should watch the Public Service Announcement I created about the pitfalls of using your smartphone at inappropriate times. This is the 30 second version. Look for a 60 second edit soon.

Soapbox Derby Promo Animation

I created this video using After Effects and Garageband, but not before drawing all the illustrations by hand and then coloring them using Illustrator. I’m really happy with how this project turned out. I feel like I’m finally getting comfortable with many aspects of After Effects, although I know I’ve only scratched the surface of all it can do.

By the way, be sure to catch Soapbox Derby at Ferndale, Michigan’s Go Comedy Improv Theater!

3D Camera Projection Experiment

The video below was created in After Effects using just one photo and a technique called 3D Projection, as outlined in this Video Copilot tutorial…3D Camera Projection.

The idea is to create the illusion of 3D space using just one image (in this case a photo I took in the basement of my apartment complex) and camera projection on a simple geometric recreation of the scene. It’s a pretty neat effect. Although the flatness of the figure lying on the ground in my trial throws off the trick a bit, it is still a cool technique that just might come in handy sometime down the line.

Bottle Rocket – Kinetic Type

Below is my final project for my Advanced Video Graphics class. We were allowed to do pretty much anything we wanted, as long as it was at least 30 seconds long and created using After Effects, so I decided to try my hand at a bit of kinetic type. I picked a scene from one of my favorite movies and had at it. Hope you like it…